Medicine River Ranch

We are a small ranch in Oklahoma that is passionate about homesteading and self-sufficiency using the gifts God gives us.

Our Animals

We raise a variety of animals, from registered dairy goats to commercial meat rabbits. We offer a breeding plan for our dairy goats and many of our animals are available for purchase.

Please see our Available Animals page for a complete list of available animals or contact us to join our waiting list for available animals.

Mini Nubians

Mini Nubians are the perfect addition to any homestead because of the smaller frame, ease of handling, and excellent feed conversion that allows for milk production comparable to full sized Nubian dairy goats in both quantity and quality.

See our Mini Nubians


Nubian dairy goats are a full-size breed that produce large quantities of deliciously creamy milk. We breed our Nubian does to our Mini Nubian bucks to create new bloodlines within the Mini Nubian registry.

See our Nubians

Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

Karakachan dogs originated in Bulgaria and are often referred to as the “bear dog” because they are bred to protect sheep from bears and other large predators. We use this breed as guardians for our livestock and offer AKDA registered puppies from excellent working parents.

See our Karakachans

Other Livestock

We raise a variety of other livestock on our ranch including: alpacas, chickens (both for eggs and for meat), meat rabbits, calves, and honey bees. We often have products and/or animals available for purchase under our Available Animals tab.

See our Livestock

Latest Posts on Our Blog

We enjoy sharing a glimpse into our lives with others through our blog posts. We will share posts about our experiences, the care of our animals, foraging and wildcrafting, and more.

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