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  • Nickname Running Horse Daisy
  • Date of Birth Mar 12, 2018
  • Mother Rosies Critters Miracle
  • Father Rosies Critters Little Sinatra
  • MDGA XN09189*

Running Horse Daisy

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th Generation

Date of Birth: 03/12/2018
Percentage: 57.96% Nubian / 42.04% Nigerian
Red/brown with black and tan points, lightly frosted ears and muzzle, star on forehead and blue eyes
G6S Normal by Testing
Unofficial Height:
Running Horse Daisy is one of the first does Chloe purchased when she decided to start her own herd of Mini Nubians. Although lacking in conformation, Daisy is a stout doe with excellent body condition. She is by far the healthiest and lowest maintenance doe in our herd. Daisy is a fabulous mother and her kids grow exceptionally well for their age. As a second freshener, Daisy is struggling to learn proper milk stand etiquette, but we are confident that when she settles into her routine she will undoubtedly put the milk into the bucket, so to speak. Chloe has retained a 2020 doe from Daisy as well as her 2021 doe. (Photos)
Kidding History:
2020: Twins: 1 buck and 1 doe 2021: Single doe (Kid Pictures)

Health & Screenings

  • G6S Normal by Testing