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  • Nickname Native Nubians Pippi Longsocks
  • Date of Birth Mar 18, 2018
  • Mother Native Nubians Cowgirl Hallows
  • Father Blissberry VV Vegas Highroller *B
  • ADGA N1942794

Native Nubians Pippi Longsocks

Breed: Nubian

Date of Birth: 03/18/2018
Percentage: Purebred Nubian
Black with white side patches, poll and markings with copper stockings
G6S Normal by Testing
Unofficial Height:
Native Nubians Pippi Longsocks “Pippi” is a purebred Nubian doe we purchased in 2020 to add to our Mini Nubian breeding program. Pippi has a beautiful Swiss pattern and her conformation is highlighted when she sheds her winter coat. Pippi is a bit of a herd queen, but she is as gentle and friendly as can be to humans. Pippi was bred to Rafter O Tarantula in 2020 and gave us triplet first generation Mini Nubian kids in 2021. Despite being a first freshener, Pippi is a pro on the milk stand and her teats are excellent for hand milking, with large orifices and plenty of room to easily milk by hand. Her first freshening udder capacity leaves something to be desired, but we believe that will improve with future freshenings. We feel that Pippi will be an asset to our Mini Nubian breeding program and we are excited for her future here. (Photos)
Kidding History:
2021: First freshener: triplets: 1 buck and 2 does (Kid photos)