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  • Nickname Tulip
  • Date of Birth Feb 14, 2019
  • Color Two-Tone Tan, Black & Cream Points, Frosted Ears & Muzzle, White on Poll & Girth
  • Owners Kevin & Jami Jantz
  • Mother Rafter O Agarita
  • Father Rafter O Tarantula
  • MDGA MN10579

M2R Tulip

Breed: Mini Nubian 7th Generation

Date of Birth: 02/14/2019
Percentage: 53.28% Nubian / 46.72% Nigerian
Two-tone tan with black & cream points, frosted ears and muzzle, white on poll & girth
G6S Carrier
Unofficial Height:
Tulip was born on the Medicine River Ranch and was a very small twin, weighing just over 2 pounds at birth. Tulip spent her first weeks in the house and was a very spoiled bottle baby. Tulip was still too small to breed in 2019, but she was bred to Rafter O Red Admiral in 2020 and that pairing gave us twin bucks. Tulip’s grand dam was our herd queen and her dam produced quadruplets in 2020, so we have high hopes for Tulip’s future. As a first freshener, Tulip’s udder is beautiful with excellent attachments and her capacity is showing promise. Tulip has nice sized teats with large orifices which makes milking her by hand or machine a breeze. Tulip is an excellent mother and is also very well behaved on the milk stand. (Photos)
Kidding History:
2021: First freshener: Twin bucks (Kid Photos)

Health & Screenings

  • G6S

    G6S Carrier

  • Annual Disease Testing

    NEGATIVE: CAE, Johne's, CL, Brucellosis, Q-Fever

    • Laboratory
    • 23 Fri Oct