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  • Nickname Lil' Bit Farm Skittles Finale
  • Mother Green Gables Cherished Dawn
  • Father VMCH Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter +*B
  • MDGA AMN05706

Lil’ Bit Farm Skittles Finale

Breed: Mini Nubian 4th Generation

Date of Birth: 03/12/2016
Percentage: 58.97% Nubian / 41.03% Nigerian
Color: Black & tan sundgau with a broken partial belt and white on poll and tail tip
G6S Status: Normal by Testing
Unofficial Height:
Lil’ Bit Farm Skittles Finale came to Medicine River Ranch from a farm in Wisconsin in 2018. She is a flashy doe with a capacious udder. Skittles has smaller teats than what we would prefer, but her capacity and overall personality allow us to overlook this flaw in the effort to correct it with future generations. Skittles will be on 1-day milk test in 2021 and we are excited to see her score. Skittles is an excellent mother of larger litters and we are excited to see her kids mature each year. (Photos)
Kidding History:
2018: Twins: 1 buck and 1 doe 2019: Did not breed 2020: Triplet bucks 2021: Quadruplets: 2 bucks and 2 does (Kid Pictures)