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  • Nickname Korah Merten Farms
  • Date of Birth Apr 17, 2018
  • AKDA 856

Korah Merten Farms

Breed: Karakachan

Date of Birth: 04/17/2018
Percentage: Purebred Karakachan
Black and White
Korah came to Medicine River Ranch as a young puppy from Merten Farms in Michigan in 2018. She was instantly a hit with our 4 young children, but she learned her job and has bonded well with the goats in her charge. From the day we brought her home, Korah has lived in the goat pen. With consistent fence training, she has developed into a fantastic guardian. She has chosen the buckling and buck pen as her home and she cares for them as if they were her own. Korah whelped her first litter of 7 puppies in 2019, a second litter of 8 puppies in 2020, and a third litter of 8 puppies in 2021. Korah is an excellent and protective mother. We only sell our puppies to working homes and the feedback we receive on past litters is all positive. We pride ourselves in raising quality working dogs that are not only excellent at what they do, but also well socialized so we can trust them wholeheartedly with our children. (Photos)
Whelping History:
2019: 7 puppies 2020: 8 puppies 2021: 8 puppies (Puppy Pictures)